TICTeC Local 2018

Where Civic Tech meets Local Government

Tuesday 6th November 2018, The Federation, Manchester

One day of inspiring talks and presentations that left us buzzing with new ideas

On 6th November 2018, mySociety hosted the first ever TICTeC Local event at The Federation in Manchester. The event bought together 100 local government representatives, CSOs, practitioners, academics, private sector representatives and researchers from across the UK and beyond. Thank you to all who came.

Read our wrap-up report for a summary of this fantastic event.

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Conference resources

  • Presentation slides from the event can be found over on the mySociety Slideshare account
  • Photos from the event can be found over on Flickr
  • Follow the hashtag #TICTeCLocal on social media to read updates from the conference as they happened, as well as pre and post conference thoughts.

Speakers included

Alison McKenzie-Folan

Deputy CEO and Digital Transformation Lead

Wigan Council

Andrea Bowes

Data and Information Systems Technical Architect

Lincolnshire County Council

Beatrice Karol Burks

Studio Director


Carl Whistlecraft

Head of Democracy

Kirklees Council

Eddie Copeland

Director of Government Innovation


Emer Coleman

Digital Leader

The Federation

Jon Alexander


New Citizenship Project

José María Becerra González

Consul Project

Madrid City Council

Michelle Brook

Managing Director (UK)

The Democratic Society

Paul Maltby

Chief Digital Officer

Ministry for Housing Communities and Local Government

Sarah Drummond

Co-founder and MD


Theo Blackwell

Chief Digital Officer



The Defiant Space, The Federation, Manchester, M4 4BF.

Tuesday 6th November 2018.


Conference registration & refreshments

Please arrive in enough time to go through the security check at City Hall. This includes going through a metal detector and having all bags scanned.


Welcome to TICTeC Local

Mark Cridge (Chief Executive, mySociety)


Civic Tech and Local Gov: the evidence base

Dr Rebecca Rumbul (Head of Research, mySociety)

The research on Civic Tech at the local level shows us what’s already working — and provides ample inspiration for new initiatives


Opening keynote: Fixing the plumbing

Paul Maltby (Chief Digital Officer, Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government)

MHCLG will share how they are helping Local Government to ‘fix the plumbing’, by putting the basics in place now — and quickly.


Introducing Public Square

Michelle Brook (Democratic Society) Mel Stevens (Democratic Society)

Citizen participation is often low, but the desire to get things changed is rising. Public Square will explore how to increase democratic engagement beyond elections.


Refreshment break


Where Civic Tech meets Local Government

Inspiring projects that are showing results — across a broad range of policy areas.

FixMyStreet Pro: Better street reporting for citizens and councils

Andrea Bowes (Data and Information Systems Technical Architect, Lincolnshire County Council)

Making Waves: Tech for Water in Sierra Leone

Zara Rahman (Research, Engagement and Communities Team Lead, The Engine Room)

Using tech and data to provide better support for new parents

Tayo Medupin (Innovation Director, Shift)

Family Story: How technology can better support Children’s Services

Beatrice Karol Burks and Elle Tweedy (Futuregov)

Council as a platform: Supporting the civics

Sarah Drummond (Co-founder and MD, Snook)

Revealing the hidden patterns in local democracy

Julian Tait and Jamie Whyte (Open Data Manchester)

Cloud – is it just pie in the sky?

Helen Gerling (Director of Consultancy, Shaping Cloud)




Refreshment break


The citizen shift

Jon Alexander (Founding Partner, New Citizenship Project)

Democracy needs a helping hand. How can we promote the role of the citizen and encourage better participation in society?


Panel discussion: Reaching the furthest first

Eddie Copeland (Director of Government Innovation, Nesta) Beatrice Karol Burks (Studio Director, Futuregov) Dr Eloise Elliott-Taysom (Product Lead, IF) Nick Stanhope (Founder and CEO, Shift) Steve Skelton (Strategic Head: Policy & Information Services, Stockport Council)

Decisions made at the local level can have an impact on the opportunities, living standards, health and happiness of thousands of people. We hear from panellists who are putting ethical considerations at the forefront.


The Consul project for citizen participation

José María Becerra González (Consul Project at Madrid City Council)

Consul’s participation software is used by 90 governments in 18 different countries, giving citizens a voice in decisions about their own neighbourhoods. Jose highlights experiences within Madrid City Council as well as the global impact of Consul.


Refreshment break


Panel discussion: Citizens or customers

Miranda Marcus (Research and Development Programme Lead, The Open Data Institute) Jose Maria Becerra Gonzalez (Consul Project, Madrid City Council) Jon Alexander (Founding Partner, New Citizenship Project) Carl Whistlecraft (Head of Democracy, Kirklees Council) Sarah Drummond (Co-founder and MD, Snook)

The way a council talks about its residents can reveal a lot about their ethos. Can we reshape the government-to-citizen relationship for the good of all?


Closing keynote: The Deal

Alison McKenzie-Folan (Deputy CEO and Digital Transformation Lead, Wigan Council)

Wigan are trying something new: a contract between residents and the council as both sides strive for a better borough. Alison shares the lessons and impacts so far.


Wrap up

Linda O’Halloran (Head of Local Digital Collaboration Unit, Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government)

Summing up and reflection on the day’s events and what we’ve learned.




Thank you to FutureGov and Shaping Cloud for sponsoring a number of free tickets for public sector attendees to attend TICTeC Local. Thanks also to The Federation in Manchester for supporting the event by providing free venue space.

FutureGov reform public services by supporting organisations through digital transformation and service design. They believe in the power of 21st-century organisations to deliver the highest quality, citizen-centred services that have a lasting impact for all.

The Federation is a community of digital businesses and innovators in Manchester, built on ethical values.

Shaping Cloud are a company dedicated to helping the public sector embrace the opportunities provided by public and hybrid cloud.

mySociety is a charity and relies on sponsorship and ticket sales to make events like TICTeC and TICTeC Local happen. If you’re interested in hearing about sponsorship opportunities at future TICTeC and TICTeC Local events then please get in touch with Gemma Moulder to discuss further.