Panthea Lee

Co-Founder & Principal

Reboot, US

Panthea Lee is a founder and principal at Reboot, where she leads teams in designing and delivering innovative policies and services to advance good governance. She has directed programs in over 30 countries, including national and global implementations. Panthea is an expert in the applications of ethnography, user-centered design, and technology in addressing civic challenges, and brings deep expertise in facilitating co-creation between government, civil society, and citizens.

Prior to co-founding Reboot, Panthea was a technology for development specialist with UNICEF Innovation. She frequently speaks and publishes on design and innovation in the public and social sectors. Her work has been featured in The Atlantic, The Stanford Social Innovation Review, Al Jazeera, MIT Innovations Journal, and Fast Company, and she is a lead author of “Implementing Innovation: A User’s Manual for Open Government Programs.” Panthea has served on the faculty of PopTech Social Innovation and Singularity University, and lectured at Columbia, Harvard, and NYU. She serves on the boards of Development Gateway and AIGA Design for Democracy.

Speaking In

Participatory budgeting: the opportunities and limitations of what Civic Tech can do

Participatory budgeting — where residents decide the priorities for local governmental spending — has taken off around the world as the epitome of citizen engagement.

Panthea presents findings from Reboot’s research in Madagascar, Spain, Mexico, and South Korea, examining to what extent technology has aided participatory budgeting.