Jordan Urban


GovTracker, UK

Jordan is a co-founder of, co-author of The Future of Promise Tracking and Which Promises Actually Matter?, and a student at Cambridge University. He first got involved in the world of Civic Tech at the age of 17, when along with two school friends he established GovTracker, which measured the government's actions against the promises they had made in their manifesto. Since then he has interned at Full Fact in the UK, producing a research paper on The Future of Promise Tracking, and has subsequently written an academic paper on Which Promises Actually Matter?. Jordan is currently studying at Robinson College, Cambridge, reading Human, Social and Political Science.

Speaking In

Not all promises are equal: towards better promise trackers

Promise trackers, typically online tools which measure politicians’ actions against the pledges they make during campaigns, tend to treat all commitments as of equal importance.

Jordan and Adam present research, inspired by their running of, which demonstrates how weighting promises means promise trackers can become better tools for holding our governments accountable.