Civic Tech Impact: What doesn't work?

Eric Reese

20 Mar 2019, 4:30 p.m.
Roger Ockrent Room (Chateau)

At every TICTeC we celebrate successes in the Civic Tech field. This workshop provides space to explore the other side of Civic Tech success: barriers to long-term impact.

Through interactive group work reflecting key themes from TICTeC 2019, like women in Civic Tech and funding/scaling impact, this session focuses on participants’ ideas of what is holding Civic Tech back from having more impact, potential solutions to help expand impact, and how practitioners and researchers can start to implement potential solutions.

A working session with small group discussion, interactive feedback, and an active role for participants in shaping action moving forward.


Civic Tech Impact: What doesn't work? Eric Reese (Center for Government Excellence at John Hopkins University, US) from mysociety