The quest for an internet that serves us

Kasia Odrozek
Stefan Baack

19 Mar 2019, 4:30 p.m.
Room D (Chateau)

Our personal credit details have been stolen en masse. Social media has been weaponised as a tool of cruel harassment. The democratic process has been undermined by the manipulation of online news and ads. The promise of AI improving our lives is turning into a tale of institutionalised bias.

We are beginning to see the health of the internet as not just a technical issue, but a human one. But what does it mean for the internet to be healthy? And how do we measure progress and setbacks?

Working with researchers, digital rights activists and a broader community, the Internet Health Report tells a collaborative story of how the internet is — and isn’t — a resource for good. Issues range from privacy to connectivity, to online harassment and the economics of online platforms.

The aim is to connect the dots between these often siloed issues and to look at the human experience of the internet as a whole. Kasia shares findings from the 2018 Internet Health Report, with a teaser for the upcoming 2019 edition and a discussion about how we might use the concept of 'internet health' as a tool to catalyse change in our communities.

The presentation also focuses on the collaborative production process of the report and how contributions from more than 200 people from a global research and activist community were encouraged and integrated.



The quest for an internet that serves us: Kasia Odrozek (Mozilla Foundation, Germany) Stefan Baack (Mozilla Foundation, Germany) from mysociety