Dr. Rebecca Rumbul

Head of Research

mySociety, UK

Rebecca is mySociety’s Head of Research. Leading the organisation’s research strategy and implementation, she works with mySociety developers and with international partners to assess the impact of our tools and initiatives.

When she’s not working on mySociety projects, Rebecca continues to teach politics courses for adult learners through Cardiff University’s School for Lifelong Learning, is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and in 2015 was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship.

She is a seasoned political commentator, providing expert analysis to BBC Wales and ITV, and is a regular paper reviewer on BBC Radio’s Good Morning Wales programme. Any free time she has is spent watching football, eating cheese and drinking wine.

Speaking In

Opinion vs. Fact

Make it count: conducting meaningful Civic Tech research

With several years of dedicated research behind them, and access to some incredible datasets, mySociety has a lot to say about how rigorous academic inquiry can inform and improve all we do in Civic Tech.

In this interactive workshop learn how to conduct research that is truly meaningful — and how to avoid research that is not.

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