Paula Forteza

French deputy for the French citizens living in Latin America and the Caribbean

French National Assembly, France

Paula Forteza is deputy LREM for the French citizens living in Latin America and the Caribbean. She was born in Paris, from Argentinian parents, but then, she spent more than 20 years in Latin America. After her studies, she worked at the government of Buenos Aires and at Etalab, the open data taskforce of the French government, where she was involved in the organization of the OGP Global Summit. Paula Forteza wants to make digital affairs, transparency and citizen participation a priority in the political debate in France. She is also interested by the economic and foreign affairs, specially linked with her constituency. At the beginning of the legislature, Paula was strongly involved in the bill on moralisation of the political life and the Reform of the National Assembly as well. She was chosen by the president, François de Rugy as the Rapporteur for the working group “Digital democracy and new forms of citizen participation” and she organized the citizen consultation for the Parliaments’ reform. She is constantly working to make the National Assembly more modern and open to civil society. For example, she puts her agenda and her expenses on open data and she organizes an open space in her office once a week.

Speaking In

Two heads are better than one: working with governments

Chair: João Vasconcelos, Public Governance Directorate at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, UK

Panelists: - Paula Forteza, French National Assembly Member (France) - Ana Neves, Cidadania 2.0 (Portugal) - Alvaro Herrero, Government of Buenos Aires City (Argentina)

Governments have a wealth of knowledge about the needs of their citizens. Civic Tech organisations often have innovative technologies that can meet those needs. What can we do to ensure that the two factions work effectively together to improve transparency, increase public engagement, and maximise benefits?