Wu Min Hsuan (ttcat)

Deputy CEO

Open Culture Foundation / g0v.tw, Taiwan

Min-hsuan (ttcat) is an activist and campaigner of a number of social movements in Taiwan, including the anti-nuclear movement, environmental, LGBT and Human Rights movement. He has expertise in creative planning, as well as communication and design programming. He has provided the g0v community with perspectives on social networking, and horizontal links. Min-hsuan is responsible for the Open Culture Foundation’s International Networking Program with g0v.tw, Taiwan civic tech community.

Speaking In

Why is no one using the Civic Tech evidence base?

“We need to know what works in Civic Tech, so that we can design better interventions.”

That fundamental assumption has driven research and funding, but the resulting outputs do not appear to influence program design in any meaningful way. This roundtable discusses appropriate next steps for providing the Civic Tech community with an evidence base it can actually use.

Donor forum: good practices to support Civic Tech

Come and have input into what the donor community needs to know about the Civic Tech community.

The National Democratic Institute and the Code for All Network are currently exploring the possibility of convening a donor forum on good practices to support Civic Tech. This panel aims to ensure that the concerns of the Civic Tech community are accurately conveyed to the donor community.

CoFacts: the chatbot that combats misinformation

Misinformation is easily spread in closed messenger groups such as Whatsapp and its popular Asian equivalent, LINE; and such groups are hard to monitor.

Enter CoFacts, a collaborative fact-checking chatbot with access to a database of hoaxes and misinformation. With over 20,000 users each week, it’s now also possible for its instigators to see how false information is spread.