FactNameh: fact-checking Iranian politicians from abroad


18 Apr 2018, 4:30 p.m.
Auditorium 1

ASL19 began fact-checking project FactNameh as part of a broader initiative to promote greater accountability and transparency in the Iranian political arena. Unlike most fact-checking organisations, they face the unique challenge of being based outside their country of focus, which impacts the approach they take to collecting and verifying information and reaching their target audience, among other factors.

Through a conversation oriented session the organisation share their experiences, including successes and unique challenges, with a focus on how it is to operate from outside Iran.

ASL 19’s session includes: - an introduction to their fact-checking methods - a discussion of specific experiences and challenges - a description of how they use technology to expand their reach and further engage with people inside Iran - brainstorming or exchanging ideas with others who either work in similarly difficult environments or may have solutions to the unique challenges faced - the sharing of knowledge on how to expand or promote fact-checking initiatives in other countries as well (for example, more fact-checking in the MENA region)

The session/presentation is of interest to journalists, civil society, activists and technologists, with the following target outcomes:

  • A better understanding of the role and importance of fact-checking as well as different approaches
  • Assessment of, and discussion on alternative approaches and other new or innovative ways to fact-check
  • A better understanding of the different types of tools/technologies and methods that can be used to reach one’s audience effectively, especially when operating outside the target country
  • An exchange of ideas on how to expand or promote fact-checking practices in other countries/contexts.