Donor forum: good practices to support Civic Tech

Kip Wainscott
Kole Shettima
Mark Cridge
Rachel Rank
Stacy Donohue
Wu Min Hsuan (ttcat)

19 Apr 2018, 3:30 p.m.
Auditorium 2

The Omidyar Network’s report, Engines of Change: What Civic Tech Can Learn from Social Movements, found that despite common themes and objectives, there is a lacking shared identity and vision within the Civic Tech movement that is required for it to reach scale. Civic Tech organisations are working to strengthen these elements within the civic tech community, to engage more participants and build a movement -- but often face challenges in meshing their organizational needs and approaches with the realities of donor and foundation funding. The discussion between donors and civic tech organizations is intended to surface trends within the civic tech movement, explore shared objectives of scaling the civic tech movement, and making this movement sustainable.

Topics of Discussion: - Where is civic tech as a community of movement currently? What is the vision for where the community is in five years?

  • What advice do funders of civic tech work have for those seeking funding for civic tech?

  • As the world has moved from a posture of cyberutopianism to cyberpessimism in recent years, how has this affected the civic tech movement and opportunities for funding and growth?

  • What challenges does civic tech face in demonstrating impact and attracting donor investment?

  • What are the emerging opportunities for investing in civic tech?

  • How do civic tech leaders finance their initiatives, while still remaining focused on their mission, rather than being focused primarily on resource mobilization?