Experience in supporting developing data literacy and increasing data usage

Duncan Edwards

19 Apr 2018, 10 a.m.
Auditorium 3

Session led by Publish What You Pay:

We’d also like to share our reflections and experiences and facilitate a conversation with others in the civic tech community about the approaches the wider community have taken to building data literacy and usage of data.

We will aim to facilitate a conversation around 3-4 areas from:

  • Partnerships: what was learned about developing the partnerships critical to the success of effective use of extractives data? I would imagine there are similar "sector" knowledge issues that others face when trying to build partnerships between those with strong tech/data skills with those with strong sector knowledge and/or advocacy skills.
  • Culture and behavior change: what shifts are needed in terms of culture, behaviors and ways of working?
  • Capacity: what were the challenges in supporting a diverse range of participants with very different levels of skills and experience in accessing, analysing, and clearly and confidently communicating the findings of data projects?
  • Peer review: What level of quality assurance was needed to ensure confidence in the validity of claims being made on the basis of the participants’ case studies?
  • Perceived value of different sources of data: what sources of data were perceived to be of more value in different contexts and problems?
  • Learning: what was learned about supporting ongoing learning amongst participants in the programme?



Publish What You Pay: the Data Extractors programme (Joyce Nyamukunda - Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association) from mysociety