Tiago Peixoto

Senior Public Sector Specialist

World Bank, US

Tiago is from the World Bank, the world’s largest development institution. As a Senior Public Sector Specialist, Tiago works with governments to develop solutions for better public policies and services.

As you might expect, that involves research around technology, citizen engagement and governance, to help understand how those things can intersect for the good of all. One example of that is Tiago’s research using reports from mySociety’s site FixMyStreet, demonstrating how government responsiveness can lead to citizens becoming more engaged.

Prior to joining the World Bank, Tiago managed projects and consulted for a number of organisations and the Brazilian and UK governments. Formerly a research coordinator at the University of Zurich, Tiago is currently a faculty member of New York University’s Governance Lab and was featured in TechCrunch as one of the twenty most innovative people in democracy.

Speaking In

(Un)Civic Tech?

Civic Tech is no longer a new phenomenon, and we can now take a long view on its history and efficacy. Tiago presents an overview of what has worked, and what hasn't, then returns to the present day to see how we can set the agenda for both persisting and emergent issues.

Populism, post-truth and fake news: the role of Civic Tech in the post-fact world

It's been a rollercoaster year in politics! Wherever you call home, you cannot fail to have seen some pretty unexpected events unfold last year, and will no doubt have heard the terms 'fake news', 'populism' and 'post-truth' bandied around in the press and online. In this session we ponder some of these issues and discuss what civic tech's role in challenging some of these issues might be.