Mark Cridge


mySociety, UK

Mark took position as CEO of mySociety in 2015, bringing experience from a diverse 20-year career in digital technologies. As Chief Executive his job is to ensure that mySociety keeps pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of civic technology, and to support our users, partners and volunteers in the UK and in the many countries where our technologies are implemented.

Originally studying architecture, “which is where I learned how to shape and communicate ideas”, Mark went on to found the UK’s first digital advertising agency, had a stint as COO at BERG, the technology and design consultancy, and worked as a senior advisor at Blue State Digital, the team responsible for the digital strategy used in President Obama’s electoral campaigns.

Mark still likes looking at buildings, and also enjoys following St Mirren Football Club and listening to an eclectic mixture of music.

Speaking In


Populism, post-truth and fake news: the role of Civic Tech in the post-fact world

It's been a rollercoaster year in politics! Wherever you call home, you cannot fail to have seen some pretty unexpected events unfold last year, and will no doubt have heard the terms 'fake news', 'populism' and 'post-truth' bandied around in the press and online. In this session we ponder some of these issues and discuss what civic tech's role in challenging some of these issues might be.