The state of Civic Tech: beneath the surface

Benjamin Nickolls

26 Apr 2017, 12:15 p.m.
Room 4

Civic Tech was born because we demanded more of our political institutions. Our pioneers used open source software to build working solutions that gave those demands validity, increasing the pressure on those institutions to do better. Without the foundation provided by open source, Civic Tech would not be what it is today. But how are those foundations looking?

In this talk we look beneath the surface at the state of Civic Tech by tracing the dependency graph — the links between software and its constituent parts. We take a look at the impact of projects created by the Civic Tech community inwardly and in the wider world. We then turn to the impact the Civic Tech community has on the software that underpins its success, and what we can all do to support the people behind these projects.


Civic Tech: Beneath the Surface from benjamuk