Public good: how does Civic Tech respond?

Matthew Stempeck

25 Apr 2017, 4:30 p.m.
Room 4

For the past eight years, Civic Tech organisations operating in the United States have benefited from productive working relationships with the country's federal government, ranging from benign neglect to active partnership.

The new administration's various attacks on the public good, and the state itself, have abruptly shifted this relationship. US Civic Tech groups can no longer assume that their federal government shares their mission to employ technology and innovation to improve the lives of the many, rather than the privileged few.

To adjust to this new reality, US Civic Tech groups must look to peers around the globe who have long operated within more contentious public sector environments. How do these groups overcome powerful opposition to achieve their civic missions? We explore a series of global cases that point to alternative operating models for civic technologists to consider in the years ahead.