mySociety's approach to research

Alex Parsons
Gemma Humphrys
Jen Bramley

26 Apr 2017, 4 p.m.
Room 4

When you create technologies, and also conduct research into those technologies, there are unique symbiotic benefits. Find out more about the work of mySociety’s Research Department, and how it has directly impacted the development of their Civic Tech tools.

Learn how a systematised set of experiments allows the Alaveteli team to understand what works and what doesn’t when promoting the use of this Freedom of Information platform, and how their findings can inform other online FOI practitioners around the world.

Discover the benefits of employing researchers with development skills, and how this allows for analysis of the huge quantities of data that mySociety sites produce. This approach has aided mySociety as it seeks to find meaningful answers to questions like: what the factors are that cause people to make more street fault reports in specific locations; or what topics of FOI requests are most commonly sent through their site WhatDoTheyKnow.

mySociety’s Parliaments team has conducted research too, in an effort to reach younger and more diverse audiences. How do you make the daily goings-on of our legislative bodies interesting to these sectors, and can they be encouraged to take further steps in engagement?