Off message? Assessing usage and impact of the messaging app

Nicole Anand

26 Apr 2017, 4 p.m.
Main Plenary (Sala Verde)

With increasing evidence that messaging apps are becoming people's favoured means of communication in many places worldwide, projects that aim to ‘meet people where they are’ may need to consider integrating such apps into their plans.

This research, published in January 2017 and based on more than 40 interviews with organisations and others working with messaging apps, highlights cases in a variety of countries where organisations believe messaging apps have increased their impact.

But what are the potential impacts of adopting a proprietary platform to disseminate your message - one that’s often managed by private companies that will not openly describe what they do with your data?

This presentation highlights the key concerns and suggests some common tests that all can use for Civic Tech projects involving third-party providers of technology.