Mike Saunders



Mike has led the development of pioneering digital products and services in the built environment, science and education. In co-founding Commonplace, he set out to connect people to the place they live, work or play to accelerate positive change. Commonplace is now used by hundreds of councils, property developers and infrastructure projects around the UK and overseas. Mike is also a board member of Trinity College London.

Speaking In

Engaging for the Future: what do the public want from engagement, and how can digital deliver?

What are the barriers preventing people from engaging in planning? How do people want to participate? What does good and effective engagement look like?

Mike will present the findings of Commonplace's nationwide public opinion polling, qualitative research and data collected across over 1,000 planning engagements on the Commonplace platform. It will include best practices for community involvement and principles that help achieve meaningful, ongoing engagement with local people.