Ibraheem Saleem

Program Manager

Code for Pakistan

Ibraheem (he/him) is the Program Manager at the KP Government Innovation Fellowship Program. An Electrical Engineer with an entrepreneurial background, Ibraheem is interested in Social Impact Ventures, Civic Innovation, and Community Mobilization through technology. Ibraheem imagines a world where Internet access is available to all and accessibility to Government services becomes ubiquitous.

Speaking In

Civic tech vs. illicit pharmacies

Digitisation creates efficiencies, and this has been clearly demonstrated in the third-largest province of Pakistan with a programme to tackle an unregulated and unaccountable pharmaceutical sector.

Prior to this intervention, unlicensed drugstores run by illegal merchants selling substandard drugs were commonplace. Code for Pakistan's latest collaboration, digitising a previously manual system, has seen tangible results by upping the speed and efficiency of licence issuing, and the detection of fake licences, saving government hours and bringing transparency and accountability to the sector.