David Kane

Product Lead


David leads on designing and managing projects that use 360Giving data, and developing 360Giving tools such as 360Insights and Find that Charity. David is a data scientist and researcher, specialising in data for, by and about charities and wider civil society. He has over ten years experience working with charity data, having worked for NCVO, CAST and the Greater London Authority.

Speaking In

Find that Charity: a tool to help find charities and improve charity data

360Giving helps funders publish open data about their grants by publishing it in the 360Giving Data Standard. Their vision is for grantmaking in the UK to be more informed, effective and strategic. 'Find that Charity', developed by David Kane and supported by 360Giving, is a tool for finding data about non-profit organisations.

David will take us through some of the challenges in developing such a tool when the data has been published inconsistently, as well as the benefits of the tool for funders and recipients.