Chloé Pahud

Founder and CEO


Chloé Pahud is a serial social entrepreneur, mum of two, French, Berliner by heart, nature fanatic. She has dedicated the last 5 years to solving the puzzle of creating the best conditions (online and offline) for governments, citizens and civil society to collaborate together and solve society's most pressing challenges. For the last 5 years, Civocracy has operated in several countries in Europe and aim to rebuilt trust in our society.

Speaking In

Our COVID consultation journey: from a small initiative to the desk of the president

Will the pandemic be a turning point, or will we go back to normal once the lockdown is over? This was the most pressing question for a variety of civic tech organisations in France.

Chloé describes how, by forming an alliance, these disparate groups were able to conduct a national consultation that examined what people wanted the future to look like — and, crucially, what they are prepared to give up in order to get it. The results were so significant that they ended up informing the President's COVID response.