Arran Leonard

Technology Manager

Integrity Action

As Integrity Action's Technology Manager, Arran oversees all things tech-related, leading the design, development and implementation of Integrity Action’s tools.

A knack for finding technocentric solutions to conventional issues and an enthusiasm for the ever-increasing possibilities technology brings to cause-driven projects has led Arran to spend the last decade working within an array of non-profits including Greenpeace Australia-Pacific and the World Wildlife Fund.

Arran is deeply interested in the role, influence and impact of technology in the lives of people around the globe and how ethical frameworks can be leveraged to guide software creation and data collection process. An avid lifelong learner, Arran holds degrees in Information Technology, Project Management and Sustainability and is always exploring new tools and methodologies to improve organizational efficiency or deploy more efficient solutions in the field.

Speaking In

Civic tech for smartphone beginners: is the future binary?

Effective civic tech tools need frequent iterations, based on feedback from the people who use them. Integrity Action's DevelopmentCheck tool went through this learning curve and came to understand the immense but perhaps surprising value of the simple yes/no question.

Arran shares real-life examples of the problems the tool is attempting to solve, and how best to shape questions that result in actionable findings.