Adrian Kearns

Project Manager


Adrian Kearns is a Project Manager at OpenUp as well as the Programme Manager for the organisation's Local Government Programme. Prior to joining OpenUp, Adrian worked in the South African Government for 16 years. His knowledge and experience about the three spheres of South Africa's Government, coupled with his understanding of Community Development, Spatial & Development Planning in government have informed his work at OpenUp. Adrian is passionate about finding innovative ways to advance citizen participation in government, especially at a local level. He has recently project lead on developing an online tool called the Public Participation Guide, which aims to create a platform for citizens to engage effectively with their municipality, with the necessary information at hand. Similar to the Public Participation Guide, he also leads another project, a Citizen Engagement App, which takes participation deeper, in focusing on service delivery disruptions and service delivery faults that can be reported by citizens. Adrian's thinking is centred around research and gathering as much data about a particular issue, before formulating solutions. All his projects are user-driven, ensuring that adequate research is done to understand the needs of the targeted users and testing solutions with users.

Speaking In

Understanding the small hurdles that block community engagement, with behavioural design

People are often prevented from taking an active part in policy-making processes, not by anything enormous or unsurmountable but by small mundane blockers such as arranging transport or the need to fill in a complex web form.

Abigail and Adrian explain how behavioural design methodology enabled ideas42 to get to the root of these issues for one Cape Town organisation, and provide them with simple means by which to overcome them. The low cost and impactful solutions can inform us all.