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What role for Civic Tech (and data) in mitigating the climate crisis?

December 2, 2020

What digital tools and data are citizens and policy makers going to need to turn policy into action? What are the most effective ways citizens can use their power in the political system around the climate? How can civic tech play a role in supporting the development and implementation of institutional responses to the climate crisis? What can we learn from previous civic tech initiatives and research? Are there gaps and opportunities that civic tech can fill?

These were just some of the questions we put to our panellists in this seminar, to help shape civic tech’s response to the climate emergency.

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Digitising parliaments: it took a pandemic

October 20, 2020

Things that once were deemed by governments as impossible or not important enough – like remote voting – became a reality in parliaments across the world when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

This session got to the crux of why it took a global pandemic to get more parliaments to digitise. Panellists discussed experiences of parliaments around the world that have been forced to make a quick switch to digital technologies during the pandemic, with rounded views of the benefits, challenges and opportunities these have posed.

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Open data: Essential, not just ‘nice to have’

September 22, 2020

Would societies around the world have been better able to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, if more or better open data were freely available?

That was the question put to this expert panel, in the first in our series of online TICTeC Seminars.

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