9:00 am—June 12, 2024
5:00 pm—June 13, 2024
mySociety are delighted to be hosting the 7th edition of the TICTeC conference, in London and online on 12th and 13th June 2024.

The TICTeC conference is back!

TICTeC stands for the Impacts of Civic Technology Conference, and will focus on the sharing of research, knowledge and experiences to examine and improve the impacts of civic technology, in order to strengthen democracy, public participation, transparency, and accountability across the world.

TICTeC 2024 will bring together those from across the world who build, research, use and fund civic technology to talk openly and honestly about its impacts and how to improve them. At previous TICTeC conferences, between 150-250 people have gathered from more than 35 countries.

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Call for Proposals now open until 22nd March 2024

Core themes

After twenty years of mySociety, and with TICTeC’s 10th anniversary coming up in 2025 – we want to think about what is needed now to match the big challenges of the next twenty years.

As well as examining the impact that civic technology is having upon societies around the world, the big question we want to answer via TICTeC is:

What is needed to make civic tech on a global scale more successful and impactful, to tackle global problems around democracy and climate change?

This breaks down into two sub questions that we want to explore. What is the role of civic tech in:

  • safeguarding and advancing democracy/transparency where it is under threat?
  • enabling the effective and democratic change needed to meet the challenge of climate change?

For this year’s TICTeC, we encourage proposals that contribute to discussion around these two thematic questions, as well as to the overarching conference theme. Potential topic areas may include:

  • Access to Information/Freedom of Information
  • Monitoring parliaments/legislatures
  • Climate change/climate action
  • Tools for citizen participation
  • AI and Democracy
  • Civic tech as part of civil society
  • Crowdsourcing and volunteers
  • Impacts of big tech/tech giants
  • Fact checking
  • Technical infrastructure/cybersecurity

You can propose 20 minute presentations and ideas for longer workshops. View the application form here.

We encourage presentation submissions to focus on the specific impacts of technologies, rather than showcase new tools that are as yet untested. A tool doesn’t have to have mass usage to be worth talking about – we’re also interested in qualitative stories on the impacts of technology, their impacts on official processes, and how users have used platforms to campaign for change. We’re also interested in stories about obstacles and barriers to having impact.

Workshop proposals should be relevant to the conference themes. Technology does not have to be new, and we welcome retrospectives on long running projects.

The deadline for applications is the 22nd March 2024. Those selected for inclusion in the conference programme will be notified no later than 5th April 2024.

Presenters will be required to register for the conference by 19th April in order to confirm their slot (the registration fee will be waived for individuals presenting).

Submit a TICTeC 2024 session proposal here. 

The full schedule will be published on this web page in April/May 2024.

Register now: Discounted early bird tickets available until 20th April

Registration for TICTeC 2024 is essential in order to attend, you can sign up now over on Eventbrite. The Eventbrite page contains further information about the conference, as well as FAQs.

Why London?

It’s always tricky to choose a location for TICTeC. Here’s why we’ve chosen London this time:

  • mySociety is a charity and TICTeC is run solely by our staff members, who are all based in the UK. We want to spend our conference budget on helping others attend rather than on our own travel to the conference location, so hosting on home turf will allow us to do this.
  • As TICTeC brings together people from 35+ countries worldwide, London is an incredible international hub and accessible by all modes of public transport. Attendees being able to travel sustainably to TICTeC is really important to us, and of course the environment. Those from Europe can use the Eurostar to arrive sustainably by train to London St Pancras, which is a mere 15 minute walk away from our venue; those who can’t travel by train can arrive into one of London’s 6 major airports; and London is the most well connected city by public transport to other UK places for our UK attendees.
  • Through our connections with the London & Partners agency and domestic authorities, and being a UK based organisation ourselves, we are hoping to be able to provide more robust visa support to TICTeC delegates, improving on previous TICTeC conferences.

Visa help

You can see guidance on applying for visas to attend TICTeC 2024 here. We can provide you with an invitation letter for your visa application once you have registered via Eventbrite. Get in touch with your name, address, and ticket order number: If for some reason you cannot obtain a visa, we will refund your ticket.

Stay tuned

As mentioned above, we will share TICTeC 2024 announcements as they happen, so if you’d like to be kept informed of news please do sign up for updates or get in touch if you have any questions.

Image credits: Vladislav Zolotov, © Reid, © Buchet


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