4:15 pm—4:35 pm · June 13, 2024
Herschel Room / Livestreamed
vTaiwan collaborated with Chatham House for 'Recursive Public', part of OpenAI's Democratic 'Input to AI' programme. This piloted a framework for democratic engagement which hosts recursive discussion that continuously evolves with new inputs. Shu-Yang explores insights, learnings and reflections from the vTaiwan community, based on real-life examples of the platform.

These include online consultations posing the questions:

  •  ‘What should be top of the agenda as humanity develops and deploys artificial intelligence?’;
  •  ‘Should AI adhere to specific principles when addressing issues involving human rights, local laws, and cultural differences like LGBTQ and women’s issues?’;
  •  ‘Should AI adapt its responses based on cultural and regional variations in its usage?’


  • Shu-Yang Lin (vTaiwan, Taiwan)