10:00 am—10:45 am · June 12, 2024
Mary Ward Hall (1st floor) / Livestreamed

Democratic progress is hard won and under constant attack. A key idea behind civic tech is that this isn’t someone else’s problem. As technologists, we need to think about how we can apply our effort and tools to strengthen the democracies we live in.

María Baron has had a long career in transparency and democratic institutions, working first across Latin America and then globally with both Directorio Legislativo and the Open Government Partnership. Along the way, María also founded the Latin American Network for Legislative Transparency, convening 24 civil society organisations from 13 countries.

María will explain Directorio Legislativo’s approach to these issues, including their latest initiative Joining the Dots, a digital anti-corruption solution that unmasks public-private conflicts of interest and is being rolled out across three countries worldwide; and their methodology for building consensus across polarised stakeholders on divisive issues — many of which have been signed into law.

This portrait of how civic tech can work in partnership to achieve change is a model for how civic tech can have a big and lasting impact – and is a perfect kick-off to TICTeC 2024.

María’s keyntoe will be followed by a Q&A session.