2:10 pm—2:30 pm · June 12, 2024
Herschel Room / Livestreamed
Rowan makes the case for integrating maxi-publics — digital participation — with mini-publics such as citizens' juries on contentious issues such as climate change, and local transport infrastructure. Discover how a three-pronged Local Climate Engagement programme in Lancaster in the UK helped shape ideas for action, supported by data, to present to the council.

Longer description:

In 2023, Shared Future carried out a three-part engagement as part of the Local Climate Engagement programme in Lancaster. The project used  community researchers, the deliberation platform, and deliberative workshops to determine some ideas for action in response to the question: “How can we, as residents of Lancaster district, access the resources we need to lead a good life by moving around freely and at the same time reducing emissions?”

Used in tandem with community explorers, enabled two sub-questions to be decided upon for a series of deliberative workshops:

  • How do we have a bus service in Lancaster district that is reliable, affordable and goes to more places, more often?’
  • How do we make it feel safer for people to get around by cycling/walking in the Lancaster District?

Secondly, highlighted specific hyperlocal issues and solutions which could support workshop participants, based across the district, to develop more detailed ideas for action to be presented to the council — supported by quantitative and qualitative data from the broader public.

The presentation will delve into the ideas for action, how these have been shaped by digital mass participation, and the level of impact post-project.