2:00 pm—October 28, 2021
At this Surgery, the challenges of public-private civic tech projects, as well as possible solutions to tackle them, were discussed by Aline Muylaert of CitizenLab; Amanda Clarke, of Carleton University; Gabriella Razzano of OpenUp in South Africa and Ebtihaj Khan from Code for Pakistan, as well as Surgery attendees. The Surgery also featured reflections from civic tech researchers, to give perspectives on any existing evidence or research ideas on the topic that might be beneficial, that can then be elaborated on in subsequent TICTeC Action Labs.

Action Lab #1: taking ideas forward

Following this Surgery, we convened an Action Lab (aka working group) of 6 individuals, who worked together to commission a paid piece of work that will be useful to tackle the issues raised in the above Civic Tech Surgery, to answer this question: What would help the global civic tech community to work more effectively with public and private institutions?

Find out more about what Action Lab #1 commissioned over on the Lab’s web page.