Vakau is the Senior Policy Analyst of Access Now and one of many contributors to Taiwan’s civic hacking community g0v (pronounced “gov-zero”) (@g0vtw). Vakau is currently leading Access Now’s research on the civic tech community and its impact on defending and extending digital rights in East Asia.

With over a decade of experience in the field of digital rights and digital authoritarianism, Vakau J.S. has previously served as a journalist and researcher for international NGOs and media outlets. Through on-the-ground interviews and investigations, Vakau has published articles, research papers, and books on topics such as disinformation, digital surveillance, and cyber warfare. These publications span more than 10 countries across Asia and Europe. One of his notable works unravels the complex origins of the current surge in fake news and false information, based on his investigations in eight countries. This work explores the narratives of individuals who create and consume this fraudulent content, as well as those who combat it.