Rosalind is a System Analyst at the Department of Democracy Network at the Ministry of Digital Affairs, Taiwan.

Rosalind architects the Public Code policy and the Digital Innovation Critical Infrastructure Plan for Taiwan at the Department of Democracy Network, the Ministry of Digital Affairs. As the System Analyst of the Civic Technology Section, she is also dedicated to the cultivation of cross-border civic-tech ecosystems.

Rosalind’s experience spans service design, marketing, public relations, and law. Prior to the Ministry of Digital Affairs, she served in the Legislative Yuan, the Taiwanese Parliament, and the semiconductor industry, aiming to adjust digital economics regulations.

From 2020 to 2022, Rosalind acted as the Executive Secretary at the Smart City Office of the Tainan City Government. She specialized in multi-stakeholder management and coordination. She led the COVID-19 digital tools development project and facilitated the town-making plan of Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City.

Outside of work, Rosalind actively participates in the g0v community, focusing on misinformation dissemination and public-private cooperation.