Nnenna Eze is the Communications Manager at the Public and Private Development Center, where her dedication to impacting positive global change shines through. She is committed to amplifying citizen engagement in governance and championing transparency and accountability. Nnenna’s mission revolves around leveraging data to drive impactful transformations.

With a strong commitment to good governance and access to information, Nnenna has played a pivotal role in advancing social and economic development initiatives in Nigeria by empowering rural communities to actively participate in governance and seek improved service delivery.

At the forefront of her work, she utilizes media and advocacy as powerful tools to advance democracy and foster citizen participation in governance.

Nnenna and the team at PPDC have championed the implementation and adoption of the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Contracting Data Standard, and with its implementation, more citizens, especially those in rural communities, now have more access to public procurement information and are holding their government accountable.