Code for Pakistan’s Manager of Engineering & Technology, Mubassir Hayat is an avid computer scientist with over seven years of experience in web application development. One of his earliest projects at CfP includes the Prime Minister’s Citizen Portal initiated by the PMDU Department where he served as the Technical Lead. He is also working on the KP Open Data Portal- the first open data platform of its kind in Pakistan. Mubassir was part of the development of the HCAI App- a mobile application that helps healthcare practitioners surveil fatal healthcare-associated Infections (HCAIs). More recently, he created FloodLight, along with his dedicated team, as a response to the ravaging floods in Pakistan that have impacted millions of lives. FloodLight serves as a centralized data mapping platform for Pakistanis, showcasing ongoing flood-relief activities across the country. He has also worked on the first Covid-19 dashboard created in Pakistan for NCOC.

Mubassir’s journey with CfP actually started with the inaugural batch of the flagship- KP Civic Innovation Fellowship Program. As part of the Fellowship Program, Mubassir co-founded Messiah- a startup that went on to raise $100,000 in pre-seed funding, won multiple prizes in competitions like Code for Resilience, and managed to secure investments from the United States and Jordan. Mubassir volunteered at CfP’s Peshawar Civic Innovation Lab for several years before joining the organization full-time as a Senior Software Engineer. Other notable web and mobile applications that he has worked on are the One Window Disability Portal for National Institutes of Health (NIH), ApnaRozgar Portal, NIH-Inspections App, Airpak, a water quality maintenance app for the Water Sanitation Department, and the Yaran-e-Watan App and Website at Code for Pakistan.

Mubassir has a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Engineering and Technology in Peshawar. He is passionately committed to serving his community, which he does through his interests in entrepreneurship and civic technology. A huge Marvel fan, Mubassir is absolutely obsessed with everything Deadpool. He’s read almost all of the Marvel comics and loves watching movies when he isn’t busy building the next cool app or spending time with his family. Mubassir currently resides in Islamabad, Pakistan.