Elma is the Senior Research Officer at Publish What You Fund. Elma joined the Publish What You Fund team in May 2019 initially to carry out research for the UK aid transparency review. She now conducts research for the 2022 Aid Transparency Index as well as providing research support for both the DFI and Women’s Economic Empowerment projects. Her varied work experience includes working for a consultancy on an East African big data project, volunteering with the Fairtrade foundation campaigns department and managing a yoga studio reception. Elma has also lived and worked in the Netherlands for three years, and gained an MSc in International Development from the University of Amsterdam during which she studied budget transparency in Uganda. Since returning to the UK she has been nurturing an interest in data visualisation tools and civic tech. Currently Elma co-chairs the committee for the Transparency Working Group within Bond.

Pronouns: She/her

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