Christoph Raetzsch is an associate professor in the Department of Media and Journalism Studies at Aarhus University (Denmark). His research addresses interpretations of smartness to animate civic innovation in cities, the interfaces and infrastructures of publics besides journalism, and the emergent potentials of media practices to shape public discourses.

From 2021 to 2024 he was principal investigator of the project Infrapublics, which addressed a gap between journalism studies and smart city research, taking the datafication of urban spaces as an opportunity for journalism to go beyond the “informed citizen” model of its audience. The project mapped approaches to how journalists, citizens, cities, data providers and civic tech NGOs can work together on a local level to shape infrastructures for civic communication in the connected city. The project is funded by Aarhus University Research Fund (AUFF) between 2020 and 2024 under Project No. AUFF-F2020-7-11.

Photo credit: Natsuko Hayama

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