Civic Tech Surgery #3

Topic: Accessing quality information for civic tech success: how can we overcome barriers to accessing good data and documentation?

Date: 24 March 2022

At this Civic Tech Surgery, the challenges of accessing quality data and information for civic tech projects, as well as ideas of how to tackle them, were discussed by Khairil Yusof from Sinar Project, Laura Zommer from Chequeado, Nati Carfi from Open Data Charter, Sym Roe from Democracy Club and Nehemiah Yelu Attigah from Odekro PMO, as well as Surgery attendees.

Here are resources from the Surgery:

  • Minutes
  • A transcript of the Surgery, automatically generated by (i.e. please be aware there may be errors in spellings etc)
  • A blog post summarising the challenges discussed and some possible solutions Action Lab #3 could take forward
  • The Padlet Board where attendees shared their thoughts on the questions raised during the discussion, before, during and after the Surgery (please feel free to add your thoughts to this too!)
  • The full recording of the Surgery:

Action Lab #3: taking ideas forward

Following this Surgery, we convenced an Action Lab (aka working group), who worked together to commission a piece of work to help solve common challenges raised by Surgery attendees.

Find out more about what Action Lab #3 commissioned on the Lab’s web page.