Accessibility ABCs 5: It does not end here

Moving Beyond Technical Accessibility

Just because your service is technically accessible, doesn’t mean it is inclusive. Techniques and guidelines are important because they represent a consensus, or at least a majority opinion, about best practices and methods for achieving digital accessibility. But accessibility is most easily achieved when people are at the centre of the process. Remember that user experiences can be affected by the presence of multiple intersecting identities and environmental factors.

Plus, accessibility does not end with your product or service. Think of how you are communicating your services, your social media presence, your recruitment process and team diversity.

Accessibility is a team effort

Accessibility can’t be the work of one team or person within the organization. Organizational leaders need to demonstrate a commitment to digital accessibility. Everyone in an organization needs to know and be committed to best practices. 

Don’t assume, ask

Keep an open door for criticism and feedback. It is always best to proactively ensure all digital resources are accessible from the onset. But, there is a lot that we can learn and there may always be room for improvement. Seek constructive feedback, fix when you can and look for advice when needed. This will benefit all your users.

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