Use Case 2: Participatory platforms should be inclusive

Illustration of a laptop

Samira and their team developed a platform to report harassment incidents in public places. The platform requires inputs from the victims or witnesses. The current version only allows text as input in the submission form. If the respondent does not fill one of the fields, it is highlighted in red.

What to consider?


From the beginning, clearly state what the form is about and how many questions there are. In the end, provide information on how users can contact you in case of difficulties. 

Input type

Allowing users to switch between multiple types of input allows contributions from people with a diversity of different disabilities. Make sure readers can also use the tab key to move between questions and between answers.

Feedback messages

The current version of the platform relies solely on colours to alert the user. Any validation errors should be communicated in an apparent and accessible manner with informative feedback messages. Don’t forget to make sure the completion or thank you page is also accessible.#

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