Accessibility ABCs

A practical toolkit for the global civic tech community

Accessibility ABCs toolkit cover image

This guide was developed by Technoloxia with the support of mySociety’s TICTeC Labs programme. This guide is licensed under a Creative Commons licence. It is also available to download as a PDF and audio guide. It is available in Arabic, Spanish, French and English.
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Why this Guide?

This guide is meant to be a resource to support the global civic tech community to make their work more accessible. Accessibility can be an intimidating subject, with this guide, we look to provide the ABCs and initiate the audience to the subject while staying practical and action-oriented. This guide is in no way exhaustive but is a starting point for a larger conversation.

First, we will start by explaining some concepts and principles. The guide then presents best practices by examining case studies. After each case study, the guide highlights a few potential challenges and best practices to encounter them. 

At the end of this guide, additional points are presented along with a list of resources for further reading.


  1. Understanding your audience
  2. What do we mean by accessibility?
  3. Get started with accessibility
  4. Best practices applied to case studies
  5. It does not end here – next steps
  6. Additional resources
  7. Final thoughts