Yosune Chamizo Alberro

Information Designer

Animal Politico, Mexico

Yosune is the Information Designer at Animal Político, an independent and digital newspaper in Mexico City where she has been part of projects such as: Sinapsis (Synapses): Fighting corruption with open data to discover connections between illegal companies that received public resources in Latin America, To Murder in Mexico: Impunity Guaranteed; The Master Scam: graduated in disappearing public money, The Ghost Companies of Veracruz, NarcoData: In-depth digital analysis of the organized crime in Mexico, among others.

In 2020 she was one of the rapporteurs of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in the “Follow-up Roundtable for Civil Society Organizations contributing to Fast-Tracking UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) Implementation in Latin America” in the “Status of Anti-Corruption Reforms in Latin America and the Role CSOs can Play” panel that took place in Quito, Ecuador.

She is the regional representative in Mexico for the International Institute for Information Design (IIID) and her work has been recognized in countries such as Luxembourg, Germany, England, Austria, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Brazil, and Ecuador. In March of 2019 she was part of the jury for the 27th edition of the Malofiej World Infographics Awards organized by The Society for News Design.

She has given conferences and workshops to more than 30 civil society organizations and holds a master’s degree in Design, Information and Communication from the Metropolitan Autonomous University Cuajimalpa Unit (Mexico) and a master’s degree in Graphic Design from Elisava | Escola Universitària de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona (Spain).

Speaking In

Sinapsis: the open data tool that fights corruption

Mexican news outlet Animal Político faced several challenges when investigating widespread corruption and misappropriated funds across government.

In a rare example of a small independent news group building its own tech, they coded a solution to these problems. The result was a tool named Sinapsis (Synapses). Open source and available to all, it has had widespread use.