Rafael Goldzweig

Research Coordinator

Democracy Reporting International, Germany

Rafael Goldzweig is the Research Coordinator at Democracy Reporting International, where he implements projects analyzing the impact of social media on elections and democratic discourse around the world. His work entails the development of methodologies and data analysis to assess the impact of disinformation, hate speech and political advertising, with projects including Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Libya, Nigeria, Myanmar, Ukraine and several EU countries. Such projects aim at informing civil society, as well as policy makers on which solutions can be designed to tackle online challenges to democracies. He co-authored the “Guide for Civil Society on Monitoring Social Media During Elections”, as part of the “Supporting Democracy”, an European Union funded project. Before joining DRI, he worked at the Dahrendorf Forum, researching the intersection between new technologies and electoral behavior. Rafael was a Google Policy Fellow and a DAAD Helmut-Schmidt-Program Scholar at the Hertie School of Governance.

Speaking In

Beyond the US elections: social media manipulation around the world

Democracy Reporting International’s toolkit and methodology monitors disinformation and hate speech being spread on social media during elections.

Bringing case studies from a variety of countries, Rafael suggests that while everyone is looking towards the US elections this year, it is crucial to also examine evidence from underreported countries.