Neema Iyer


Pollicy, Uganda

Neema Iyer is the founder and director of Pollicy, a civic technology organization based in Kampala, Uganda. Pollicy uses data, design and technology to improve how citizens and government engage around public service delivery. She has a Masters in Public Health from Emory University and has worked on large-scale mobile and digital projects across Africa as part of TTC Mobile (previously Text to Change) and Viamo (previously VOTO Mobile). She currently leads the design of a number of projects focused on building data skills, on fostering conversations on data privacy and digital security, and on innovating around policy.

Speaking In

What does the African feminist future of civic technology look like?

It’s well-understood that women and sexual minorities are frequent victims of online gender-based violence.

But we are yet to fully understand the impact that this has, not just on women across Africa, but also on how they access civic technology.

Pollicy’s recent large-scale research study provides a baseline, with data across five countries in Africa.