Merlin Chatwin

Monitoring and Evaluation Lead

Code for Canada/Western University

Merlin Chatwin is the Monitoring and Evaluation Lead at Code for Canada and a PhD Candidate at the University of Western Ontario. His work with Code for Canada focuses on the research, design, and implementation of theory-based evaluation in the civic tech ecosystem. This involves working with internal staff and external partners to develop robust program-specific monitoring and evaluation plans. His academic research involves global issues of multi-level governance, civic inclusion, local autonomy and subsidiarity and the evaluation of government reforms in diverse geographic contexts. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Urban Policy and Local Governance.

Speaking In

Monitoring and evaluating civic tech

While the civic tech sector has been rapidly professionalising over the last decade, monitoring and evaluation processes remain in a nascent stage.

Without robust evaluations, difficulties ensue for every player, from governments to start-ups. Here is a theory-based evaluation approach, trialed by Code for Canada on civic tech initiatives in diverse contexts.