Leandro Asensos

Campaign Director

Change.org Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile and Uruguay)

Leandro started his career as an international development and campaigner professional at Ashoka Latin America where he managed several programs. He led the expansion of www.changemakers.com in Latin America and managed a wide variety of Changemakers competitions on human rights, democratic empowerment and housing. In 2013 he moved to the public sector and joined the City of Buenos Aires government where he project managed education and housing policies.

Leandro is now the Campaign Director for the Southern Cone, where he manages and oversees a team of campaigners for Argentina, Chile and Uruguay focused on empowering citizens to create change. Leandro teaches Political Science at the Del Salvador University and he is also visiting Professor at Di Tella University.

Speaking In

Accountability through petitions: Elections 2019

Change.org in Argentina launched a platform to engage candidates ahead of the 2019 election with a set of issue-focused petitions.

The aim? To discover whether there could be a shift to digital accountability if candidates were exposed to local and national petitions, and where those candidates were given the opportunity to answer.