Camila Salazar

Lead Data Analyst

Open Contracting Partnership, Costa Rica

Camila is the Lead Data Analyst at the Open Contracting Partnership, passionate about analyzing open data to generate social impact and drive change.

She has experience as an analyst and data consultant in Latin America, where she worked on research to quantify the cost of late payments in public procurement. She also trained public servants, journalists, university students and civil society in open government, open data, data analysis and data journalism. She was a Fellow at the School of Data, where she developed learning materials and workshops for the local and international open data community. As a data and investigative reporter in Costa Rica, she used data-driven methods to report on politics and uncover corruption schemes. Her team was a three-time finalist in the Data Journalism Awards, an international award recognizing outstanding work in the field of data journalism.

She holds a MSc in Applied Social Data Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science, a BA degree in Economics, a BA and a Licentiate degree in Journalism and Communications from the University of Costa Rica.

Speaking In

Flagging up fraud in open contracting data

When contracting data is published, suspicious behaviour that may indicate the beginnings of corruption and fraud can be detected and prevented before it occurs.

Open Contracting Partnership has developed methodologies on how to identify red flags. These approaches are bearing fruit in Chile, Paraguay and Ukraine where civil society, government and journalists are putting their tools to use.

In this workshop, Open Contracting Partnership will share their red flags methodology and show how technology and data can be a powerful tool to fight corruption.