Mor Rubinstein

Open Heroines, Israel

Speaking In

Challenges and opportunities for women in Civic Tech

This session focuses on the experiences of those who identify as women; however, all TICTeC delegates are welcome to come and listen, learn and participate thoughtfully. Women are encouraged to share their own experience and insights on the challenges and opportunities in Civic Tech, within small discussion groups and with anonymity assured. The session will result in a manifesto that draws on your own experiences, adding to the body of research already conducted to help build the Open Heroines Guide.

Inclusive Governance: Bringing all voices on board for the design and delivery of policies and public services

This session will explore two aspects of inclusive governance: inclusive policy making and inclusive service design and delivery. How to involve everyday people from all walks of life in policy making, in such a way that allows them to give constructive, informed input into public decisions? And how to enhance the reach and impact of digital public services to support inclusion in terms of design and delivery?