Luke Jordan

Executive Director

Grassroot, South Africa

Speaking In

[Design Sprint Workshop] Engagement Metrics for Social Impact

How can Civic Tech organisations broaden their metrics for measuring social impact?

This workshop explores how to develop better metrics that can serve organisational missions, through a design sprint with two pioneering technology platforms for civic engagement.

Each organisation will share a specific challenge they are facing. First examining a framework on how product design can be linked to social impact, we’ll then design a set of solutions that can be applied to the examples in hand, and more widely to other Civic Tech projects.

Questioning impact: what if you find it lacking?

Luke describes how a seemingly successful initiative was forced to question its theory of change.

Grassroot, in South Africa, provides tools that enable community organising and collective action via phones with limited data.

Despite measurable successes, the organisation has found that impacts are more questionable than previously believed. Luke reflects on potential future directions for Grassroot, and for the sector as a whole.