Alessandra Orofino

Executive Director and Co-founder


Alessandra Orofino is the Executive Director and Co-founder of Nossas, where she develops tools and methodologies for activism and participation. She is also the showrunner for Greg News, HBO’s only comedy news show in Brazil, and a columnist at the national newspaper Folha de São Paulo.

Nossas was born out of Alessandra’s experience with Meu Rio, a city-based community of hundreds of thousands of members that work together to impact local politics.

Prior to founding Meu Rio, Alessandra worked at Purpose, a partner organization of Meu Rio, where she set up the company’s office in Brazil. She holds a degree in Economics and Human Rights from Columbia University and was a faculty member at the School of Visual Arts, contributing to their pioneering program in Design for Social Innovation.

Speaking In

Keynote 1: Alessandra Orofino, Nossas

Founder of Meu Rio (My Rio), Alessandra hasn’t just brought about change herself; she first gave 200,000 residents in her native city of Rio de Janeiro the power to do it for themselves, with an array of digital tools that facilitate campaigns, civic engagement and participation, and then went on to found the even more ambitious Nossas to unroll similar initiatives across several other Brazilian cities.

The Impact of Civic Technology in Latin America

The panel share their thoughts and experiences about the path to impact for Civic Technology, followed by an open session.

Using examples from Latin America as a jumping off point, we then move on to a general discussion, aiming to arrive at applicable insights and actions for Civic Technology practitioners around the world.