The Impact of Civic Technology in Latin America

Alessandra Orofino
Felipe Esteban
Lucia Abelenda Casalet
Marco Konopacki
Rob Muggah
Stacy Donohue

20 Mar 2019, 10:30 a.m.
Room D (Chateau)

Proposed Speakers: - Moderator: Stacy Donohue / Felipe Estefan – Luminate - Speakers: Alessandra Orofino – Nossas, Marco Konopacki – ITS-Rio, Lucia Abelenda – Avina / ALTEC, Rob Muggah – Instituto Igarape

"Workshop Title: The Impact of Civic Technology in Latin America

Proposed Objectives / Abstract: This workshop has been designed with the objective of surfacing key insights about the path to impact for civic technology in Latin America. While the session will primarily feature Latin American examples at the offset, its intention is to surface insights that are applicable for civic technology practitioners around the world.

The moderated workshop will start by featuring the work of Latin America civic tech practitioners, which will be presented with an explicit focus towards describing: i) Factors that proved essential to achieving impact, ii) Challenges or obstacles that hindered impact, iii) Lessons learned about optimizing for impact.

After those initial presentations, the floor will be open, in a fishbowl-style dynamic (more on format below), for participants to ask questions or to share insights of their own. The moderator will ensure the workshop remains focused on insights about impact by providing prompts to those within the fishbowl such as: i) How did you originally define impact? ii) How did you have to adapt the implementation of your solution to ensure impact? iii) What would you have done differently to increase the likelihood that you would reach impact?, etc.

During the conclusion, the moderator will summarize key themes from the insights that have been surfaced as take-aways for participants.

Proposed Format: Fishbowl-style. There are four chairs in the center of the room. The chairs are first reserved for selected speakers, but will then rotate as others in the audience come into the conversation, by either tapping in to ask a question or provide additional insights. The conversation will be guided by a moderator, who will have prepared the initial set of speakers to frame brief reflections in line with the workshop’s theme, and who will also provide prompts for participants entering the fishbowl.