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The global home of civic tech impact research

TICTeC stands for ‘The Impacts of Civic Technology Conference’. Since 2015, TICTeC has been an unmissable annual milestone, convening an international mix of researchers, practitioners, policymakers, philanthropists and tech giants to examine how civic technology is shaping society.

What makes TICTeC unique is its focus on high quality impact and research, with international leaders in the field sharing experiments, evidence and experiences from around the world. TICTeC is a safe place to examine what works, what doesn’t and how best this can be measured, so that more effective and impactful work to enhance public participation, transparency and accountability ensues.

TICTeC is more than an annual event: it also promotes civic tech impact research and reflection in other ways all year round, via TICTeC Labs, Show & Tells and Seminars. Details of past and upcoming TICTeC events are below.

TICTeC Theory of Change

“TICTeC is a crucial milestone in the development of civic tech and open government, because it takes stock of what we know, what works, and how.”

— Stefaan Verhulst, The GovLab @ New York University

“TICTeC is the best concentration of practitioners, academics, and thinkers in this field that I’ve come across anywhere.”

— Fran Perrin, Indigo Trust

Upcoming events

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TICTeC in the Past

Civic Tech Surgeries 2021-22

Regular online convenings bringing together the global civic tech community to discuss challenges, share existing research and experience, and identify evidence gaps and other needs.

TICTeC Show & Tells 2021

A series of online events where speakers gave short, energetic and to-the-point Show & Tells on the impacts of civic tech.

TICTeC Seminars 2020

A series of online conversations around Civic Tech and open data’s role in global crises.

2020: Online

Resources from TICTeC 2020, which was held online, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

TICTeC Local 2019

Everything from our 2nd TICTeC Local conference, in London.

TICTeC Local 2018

Resources from our first TICTeC Local, in Manchester.

2018: Lisbon, Portugal

All the resources from when TICTeC went to Lisbon in April 2018.


A special extra edition of TICTeC in 2017, as part of Civic Tech Fest.

2017: Florence, Italy

Everything from TICTeC 2017, which took place in Florence, Italy.

2016: Barcelona, Spain

Access slides, transcripts, videos and more from our Barcelona conference of April 2016.

2015: London, United Kingdom

The first TICTeC was a one-day conference in London, UK. See the talks and materials here.